Frames and Leaves: The Attire Club Autumn-Winter 2017-18 Style Portfolio

For the autumn-winter 2017-18 season, we decided to create a style portfolio featuring pocket squares and bow ties that bring energy and vibrance to the cold months.

The idea behind the accessories and their photos was to think of a bright spot, its contents and of the fact that it is framed by old, decaying elements. This is what progress and movement is, after all. The old structures of the past serve as a starting point and setting for what’s to come. Of course, the future cannot be predicted, even though it can be thought of, but this doesn’t mean that one can’t imagine it.

A very important question when dealing with the future and transforming the present in the future is what happens with the past. The best thing that can happen is for it to serve as a frame on which things are built, but not necessarily within the now is constrcuted.

Featuring unexpected combinations of colors and prints, the pocket squares and accessories carry a lot of motion and dynamism. They have a lot of movement to them and yet are calm, denoting a more optimist approach than a pessimist one.

With accessories, it’s always important that they are strong and that they express the wearer’s personality and emotional state or that they complete a carefully put together outfit.

Because our accessories have been praised by clients and professionals and we are now also creating on-demand pieces that tell stories about the wearer’s stories, may it be their career, the personal or the in-between.

The details of a look are what makes it complete. They are also what determine whether a look is good or not. This is why; one must always pay attention to the details when they want to have a great sartorial experience and to make sure that they can feel confident that their look supports their attitude.





Fraquoh and Franchomme






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