What to Wear when You Are Going Dancing (B)

Dancing is something many people love to do. It’s an activity that is present in every culture of the world that and that has lots of ways in which it is manifested and many purposes. A dance can have a ritual significance, it can have a mating significance and it can even be an art form. For most people, dancing is meant to be an activity that allows you to unwind, to connect with others and to have a fun time.

While dancing is for most people something they do in a group, it is also an activity you can do all by yourself. Moving your body in ways it is not generally used to can have a lot of benefits for your fitness level and your health. Dancing helps you be more flexible, it helps your blood circulation, your digestion and more. Also, it’s a fun way to engage your muscles and makes a great companion to working out or practicing sports.

This is why, if you want to have a great experience when dancing, it is important to dress appropriately for it. If you are a professional dancer, you most likely need professional dancing equipment or items that define the type of dance you engage in.



Type of dance and context

The most important thing about dancewear is comfort. Dancing is all about movement and thus one needs to feel extremely comfortable in the clothes they are wearing. This is why your clothes should fit very well. In fashion, fit is the most important thing. A well-fitting item is an item that is neither too tight nor too loose and that hugs your body well, at the same time allowing you to move freely.

This is why, any type of garment is a suitable dance piece, if it is comfortable. In short, you should be able to dance in anything, including suits and dress shoes.

Of course, the context in which you dance will give you some direction about what to wear. A fancy club? A casual sports jacket, jeans and nice shoes will do it. A beach party? Shorts and a Hawaiian shirt make a great combo. A wedding? A nice evening suit is of course the answer.

Sometimes, different types of organized dances require different types of clothes. Usually, you’ll dress differently when you do a hip hop dance than when you go ballroom dancing. It’s all about channeling the spirit of the music, of the movement and of the atmosphere.



Sportswear couture

For many, the active and dynamic nature of dancing implies that dancing goes hand in hand with sportswear. Whether that is true or not does not matter in the context where what we call sports couture is an increasing trend. More and more designers and fashion labels are creating clothes that combine the worlds of sports with that of casual elegance. These designers understand the rapid changes through which people go these days and thus create items that are versatile enough that they can be transitioned from one setting (e.g. work) to another (e.g. the dance floor). If you are a frequent dancer, you might want to check this type of clothes out and make some cool investments for your wardrobe.


Dancing can be a great experience if accessorized with the right clothes. This is why, regardless of whether you are a professional dancer or a casual dancer, you should always make sure that your clothes fit well and allow you the movement and freedom dancing requires, as this way you will have the setup for a successful time.



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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