Rebranding Yourself in the New Year

2018 is speeding toward us and will be hear in no time, which doesn’t just mean you’ve got to start your NYE plans, but also begin thinking about how you wish to present yourself in the new year. With every passing year, we get the chance to reinvent ourselves and try out new things. Of course, we can do these things at any point in the year, but seeing a new calendar always seems to motivate us to switch things up with our style and grooming techniques.


So when 2018 hits what new resolutions are you going to try? Here are some suggestions.



Change your hair color

For a long time, it’s been the case that dyeing your hair was always something for women. However, that’s definitely not the situation anymore. It appears that now, men are more than happy to discover the benefits of hair dye. Whether it’s a case of going from brown to blonde (or vice versa) or even to cover up any emerging gray hairs, men all over the world are showing that they are willing to transform their hair. There are both special hair dyes that are designed not to show that you have colored your hair and there are also hair dyes that are clearly artificial and have more of a shock effect. Both can make you look younger, but in different ways.



Buy those expensive shoes

As we’ve often said in the past, shoes are arguably the most imperative part of any outfit. Many of us forego that new pair of shiny shoes purely because we tell ourselves either that they are too expensive, that they won’t suit your personality or that you don’t really have anything with which you can wear them.

To address the first issue: yes, many quality shoes are indeed expensive, but there is often a reason for the price tag that goes beyond simply a famous name. The materials used are superior, meaning the shoes will usually last longer, and of course, a lot of thought and consideration has gone into testing the comfort. When we talk about expensive shoe brands, it’s hard not to think about the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Allen Edmonds, John Lobb, and of course Gucci. These are lavish brands, but sometimes you’ve just got to splash out on a good pair once in your life.

To address the second and third points, well, it’s hard to know they won’t fit your style unless you try, and if you don’t have anything to pair them with? As the old saying goes, if you have a great haircut and great shoes, you can get away with anything in between.



Accessorize your way

Fashion often comes down to simply wanting to feel comfortable but also look good. However, sometimes there are bloggers and style writers who decide on a whim that a particular item isn’t cool anymore. Who are they to say? If you have the confidence to rock a bow tie, then do it. If you think a beret completes your look, then wear one. Always wanted an earring but everyone thinks you’re too old? Don’t listen to them.


The new year brings with it a chance to try something new from a style and lifestyle point of view and expand your horizons – let 2018 be the year that happens!



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