Attire Club Mood Board: Musical Pictures

The world of music is a very complex system. Music, can be argued, is in many ways the ultimate art, as it manages to express human emotion in an abstract way the most of all the arts, using the least of means of expression. This is why, in the realm of the arts, music has a unique and special place. It can even be argued that music is in many ways a very special type of art due to its unique character. While photography is influenced by painting, ballet by the theater and cinematography by all other arts, music is not connected in this manner to any other creative endeavor.

This is most likely one of the reasons why music has such a strong power over people. Think about it. Music has the power to uplift you, to drive you down, to generate a wide range of emotions within you in a matter of seconds. It is the soundtrack of life. This is why, for so many, music is strongly tied together with the concept of memory.

In music, one can find meaning, hope or purpose. Music can serve as a background or as the object of one’s focus.

Because music is so strongly connected to the human soul, it is connected to so many aspects of life. One of these is personal style. Every genre of music is in one way or another associated with an aesthetic. This principle applies to both genres of music or to whole artistic movements. Music is ceremonial – a connector between the soul and the world, and thus, it is connected to both our inside and our outside expression of our inside.


Discover in this mood board a collection of vintage music-related photographs found in the New York Public Library, which show how people across time and space have connected their appearance with the performance of music.


Woman playing the piano
Tucker, C. W. — Photographer. ca. 1906


Man playing the tuba
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music – horn


Woman holding lyre
Falk, B. J. (Benjamin J.) – Photographer


Home life in Japan
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — regional — Japanese


Siamese musical instrument — the bell wheel
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — regional — M-Z


Music classes, Plaza Music Center, 912 Union St., Bklyn, 4/2
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — 1900s


Mexican inaugural party musicians, 1921
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — regional — Mexican


Uganda harp
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — regional — African


Female musicians, India
Source information not available


A mountain fiddler
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection / Music — violin


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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