Red Beard, Dark Hair. Here’s Why!

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Many men have beards that don’t match their hair in terms of color. A lot of guys like it, others don’t really enjoy the difference, but everyone is interested what causes this.

Fortunately, it seems that science has the answers.

According to researchers, the genes that define the color of your hair are in scientific terms “incomplete dominant hereditary traits”. Basically, what this means is that there is not just one gene that is dominant over the others, rather that all genes influence one another.

In other words, your genes got passed down from your ancestors, your grandparents and your parents and combinations of these genes present in different ways in different people. Therefore, there are many possibilities of outcome, including having a color difference between your hair and beard.

If you think about it, it is quite logical, you can basically inherit a gene from one ancestor and another from the other side of the genetic lineage.


There are many men who have red beards and hair that is another color and scientists have a good explanation for this phenomenon too. Basically, red hairs are the outcome of a gene called MC1R. When a man inherits this particular gene from both parents, they usually get the classic red hair and fair skin combo. Should a man inherit only one MC1R gene, he will find that he has only some ginger traits, such as a red beard.

It seems that your DNA has the answer for why you can have a different color in your hair than in your beard. At the moment, it’s hard to go against your genes, so if you want to make the two match, you can always go for a good hair dye or simply wait to go gray, if that is something you like.

Either way, you should take pride in your beard and wear it with confidence. In the end, men with some facial hair are considered very attractive by most people all around the world.


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