The 2017 Christmas Party Style Guide

With Christmas almost here, many men are getting ready to attend a Christmas party, may it be with friends and family or a bigger, community event. Many people get together on Christmas, at home, at church or anywhere else to celebrate Christmas, meet each other and exchange gifts.

As with any party, your outfit is a very important part to help you feel great and enjoy yourself.

Here are some quick ideas you can use to look really cool this Christmas, with little effort.



Festive fabrics



Whether it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or any of the Days of Christmas, you don’t really have to dress up a lot differently than you would dress up for a regular party. A nice suit, dress shirt, and pants that fit well are going to frame your body well and make you look your best. However, to glam up your look, you can go for more festive fabrics. Velvet for example is a very rich fabric that turns a simple design into something worth wearing to a party. If you are not all in on wearing fancy fabrics, you can chose to wear just accent fabrics on your looks. Think for example of a sequins lapel. For a full on stunning effect, you can even go for a velvet jacket with an accent sequins lapel.



Festive colors



To mix it up, you can also think of choosing brighter or just unexpected colors in your looks. There are many colors that we associate with Christmas easily: red, dark blue, white or pearl, deep emerald green are all Christmas-appropriate colors. You can also add shine with metallics such as gold or silver, as these will add depth and visual interest to your look.






We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit and that they can truly set the vibe for a look. So, even if you are not doing anything else special for your Christmas party look, you can add a few accessories to ring in the holiday. These don’t need to be a Santa Claus tie or anything, but simply adding something more festive will work. Think of a colorful bow tie, a big bow tie, a shiny pair of cufflinks or an embroidered pair of shoes. All these things will make you look great and will add a lot of holiday cheer to your look.



Having a lot of holiday flair is not hard at all. So, if you are open to the idea of skipping Christmas sweaters this year, these are some easy ways to glam up your look and look festive and charming this Christmas. In the end, Christmas, like any other holiday, should come first from the inside and the outside should be just a mere supportive reflection of that.


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