Welcoming 2018 in Style: The New Year’s Eve Men’s Style Guide


As New Year’s Eve is here soon, men all around the world are not only establishing the details of how they will welcome the new year in terms of how their party will look like, but also on what they themselves will look like as well.

New Year is a great holiday because it is all about fresh starts and a new chance to do things well. This is why it can be a great opportunity to dress for the success you want to have in the many years to come. As the old cliché goes, “this is the first day of the rest of your life”.

Take a look at some ideas on what you can do with your clothes and accessories to have a stylish and elegant New Year’s Eve.



Creating a look



When you are creating a look for your New Year’s Eve party, it’s very important to establish two things.

  1. The degree of casualness – this will make it very easy to choose your pieces. If your party is more on the formal side, you should go for a tuxedo jacket and dress shirt and pants, accessorized with a nice bow tie. You can even go for one of those really nice velvet, colorful tuxedos. Always remember that when in doubt, go for a suit. Should your party be more on the casual side, you can either choose some really stylish sporty or casual pieces; after all, 2017 was the year of sportswear couture and athleisure or for a dressy outfit to which you add a relaxed twist. For example, you can go for a simple pant, a shirt and a vest. These items can be more casual in style, but will give you nonetheless a dressed up and stylish look.
  2. Finding a theme. Sometimes, you can find a theme for your outfit. This way, you can tell a whole story to it. Think of what you would like to embody and how that would look in a movie. This way, you will have a remarkable, noteworthy and unforgettable look that people will remember.

Once you have these two things down, it will be quite easy to choose your clothes and create an outfit. Always make sure you choose colors that go together and that flatter your skin tone and that your pieces are tailored to your body, but allow you to move freely and are comfortable enough to dance in. Also make sure you work on your grooming, which includes your hair, beard, smell and skin.



Accessories and details



Adding some accessories or edgy details to your looks can take your outfit to the next level. While you might have some party accessories you can have fun with, these should not be considered as accessories or details. Regardless of the type of outfit you are going for, you can always add some cool accessories such as a nice watch or a chain or bracelet. Of course, their style will differ depending on the whole vibe of your outfit: an outfit that is more casual will require casual or even sporty accessories, while an outfit that is quite dressy will be best complimented by more styled up accessories.

Cool details such as accent fabrics (think lapels, patches, cuffs), surprising buttons on your shirt or jacket or interesting shapes and cuts can also bring add a lot of flair to your looks.


If New Year’s Eve is not an ordinary night, your outfit should not be ordinary as well. Think of cool tricks you can pull out, as the ones mentioned in this article and will you are in for a great night, at least from a sartorial point of view.

Happy New Year!


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