The Best Menswear Looks from New York Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2018-19

The last city of the big four fashion capitals of the world where designers showcased their menswear collections for the autumn-winter 2018-19 was New York. The event provided a platform for American menswear designers and their international guests to showcase their latest collections to a strong audience of press, buyers and customers. Following an almost month-long series of fashion weeks taking place in London, Milan, Paris, as well as Pitti Uomo in Florence, the New York men’s shows were the conclusions to the trends of the season: lots of sportswear, athleisure, many hats, neutral pieces with pops of bright colors and lots and lots of deep shine.



Ovadia & Sons


Ovadia & Sons NYFW AW18


The Ovadia & Sons collection presented during NYFW AW18-19 was a throwback to the 1950s with a twist of punk to it. However, we enjoyed how the brand made the clothes current, by dubbing down on the costumey elements that could have made the clothes look outdated. We loved looks like this one, where we could see a mix of leather and patterns and interesting details and accessories such as the hat.



Todd Snyder


Todd Snyder NYFW AW18



There is something about this Todd Snyder look that caught our attention. The shine, the softness of the velvet worked really well together. Also, the peaking shirt from underneath added depth to the look, making it all come together really well.



Abasi Rosborough


Abasi Rosborough NYFW AW18


“Pockets from head to toe” was the thought behind this Abasi Rosborough autumn-winter look. What is captivating about it is that it is practical and wearable despite its conceptual nature. In other words, you can tell you’re not going to put something in all those pockets, especially in the very low ones, but they do look cool.





Dyne NYFW AW18


Dyne is a label that has been on our radar for a while now. We really enjoy their aesthetic and were definitely not disappointed with their latest collection, which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week. Besides the cool hats, we loved the overall bandit aesthetic: the deep red pants are mysterious and unique and the tops are really tough too. One of our favorite looks!



Tom Ford


Tom Ford NYFW AW18


Tom Ford made a comeback with a collection that was very Tom Ford: sexy, masculine and somewhat overboard. In addition to the many suits and casual pieces, Ford added a collection of underwear that soon became the talk of the Big Apple. We liked this combination between the roughness of a boxer short featuring a thick sporty band on top and the softness of the fabric.



Raf Simons



We were provoked by this outfit from the autumn-winter 2018-19 collection by Raf Simons because it sends out a very youthful and dynamic sense, but also a very sad vibe. In many ways, it is a reflection of youth today: a generation struggling to balance everything out, but having trouble figuring out what this “everything” is. The contrast in colors and shapes gave us a sense of this struggle.


New York Fashion Week: Men’s has become in the last years since it started a combination of fresh, new talent combined with the established American brands. In many ways, it can be said that this is its personality. In fashion, it is very important to have a voice and a vision and to know who you are, and NY knows.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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