The Dyne Spring 2018 Menswear Collection in Review

Recently, the athleisure trend has taken the main spotlight in fashion, as many designers and brands have taken on the power of clothes that are both elegant and sporty. This trend, of sporty clothes that can be worn in many settings has caught on very much with the general public, given that people are transitioning very fast from one place and context to another and don’t really have time to also transform their outfits.

The dynamism of today is very well reflected in the spring 2018 collection by Dyne. Christopher Bevans, the man behind the brand has worked with Billionaire (a brand we enjoy a lot), Nike and Boys Club and is a true master of sportswear.

The collection was clean, fresh and bold and featured many details that make it more than just a simple sporty collection. Bevans explained it best when he spoke about his brand, saying “I believe that an active everyday lifestyle is, in itself, a sport. We are not a running company. We are not a tennis company. We’re an active company.”

Vogue described his collection as falling “more on the «ath» side of athleisure” and that is a very good description of it. The fabrics cam e from a special Swiss mill and were performance-ready fabrics which were used for running shorts, windbreakers, tees and more. In terms of colors, the palette was mostly neutrals, especially light ones, but also featured some well-placed accent colors in chalky shades.

As a styling detail, the brand used Kinesio bands, which are elastic therapeutic tapes that come in very bright colors, which added a touch of cool to the outfits.

In a world where every other brand is doing athleisure, Dyne is definitely the competition to look out for and the master to learn from.

Dyne is still a small brand, but we believe that they have a bright future and can go a long way. Their clothes are modern, they are strong and, above all, desirable. And that’s what fashion is all about.



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