The 2014 Oscars: Our Favorite Men’s Looks from the Red Carpet

Last night, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood hosted the 2014 edition of the Oscars. The show, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres took place a week after it is usually scheduled to avoid conflict with the broadcast of the winter Olympics.

The big winner of the evening was “Gravity”, winning seven awards, including the one Alfonso Cuarón, who won the Academy Award for best director.


The staple element in terms of men’s fashion from this year’s Oscars edition was the bow tie. Even though the men kept it as classic as usually (we still don’t get it why they won’t wear more color, shine, prints or texture), most men chose to wear bow ties as their accessory of choice.

Kevin Spacey wore a great marine blue tuxedo, which was a very good choice for him, while Jared Leto wore a red satin silk bow tie, which went great with his black and white outfit. Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey wore a fantastic white jacket with black lapels, while Johnny Weir’s outfit gave the viewers of the red carpet show something to talk about.  The figure skater’s outfit was not something he necessarily wore to stand out (however, we did not meet and asked him), but it was a great lesson of how we can express who we are or what we do through our clothes. The color white was a definite indicator of ice, which is basically his work place, and who else is more appropriate to wear so much glitz than a professional ice skater?

All the men wearing pretty much the same thing, with small variations of course, is a valuable lesson to any guy trying to find or simply discover his style. What we can all learn from this is that even though our clothes might make us look great, the things that really make us stand out come from within. Just look at Mario Lopez’s attitude or at how Joseph Gordon-Levitt always has a way of standing out without doing anything in particular. And there’s one more thing we can learn: that, again, simplicity is often the best way to go when it comes to your outfits.


The 2014 Oscars were a great show of course, but they were also a good opportunity to look for inspiration for outfits and see how some of the world biggest stylists of today see the menswear world. It looks like the classic suit is not going anywhere, but that the bow tie takes the spotlight again and shines in all its glory.

Take a look at a gallery of pictures containing some of our favorite looks from the runway in terms of men’s fashion and decide for yourself: who’s outfit was your favorite, and more importantly, why?


Fraquoh and Franchomme






Have your say! Who was your favorite red carpet guy? What would you wear if you were to go to the Oscars? Would you like to see more color and shine or do you prefer classic outfits? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “The 2014 Oscars: Our Favorite Men’s Looks from the Red Carpet

    • The bow tie was really a nice touch and made him stand out from the rest. Also, the fact that it was paired with white pieces made it look more special than it would have look should it have been paired with a black jacket, don’t you agree?

  1. They’re still crawling towards the color wheel and textures and patterns. They’re being coy about it, but you can still see the safe experimenting – the dark blues, the black and white combinations for example. It usually takes high profile actors to break the rut, and then it takes off. Remember JLo’s sheer green Versace dress? Every neck line plunged and the fabrics got thinner the following year. I’m waiting for the year when the men out do the women in terms of flamboyant fashion. Birds in the animal kingdom have, so, I’m assuming it’s just a matter of time before we do.

    • Hy Saretta,

      Jared definitely stood out, probably you’ve seen too that he’s all around the web these days.

  2. Kevin Spacey KILLED IT! That blue was gorgeous, the tailoring was impeccable, and he looked every bit the movie star. I loved Jared Leto’s look for the most part, but felt that the red bow tie ventured a little bit into “I have to match my girlfriend’s prom dress” territory.

    • Haha, a little too matchy-matchy you say. We said it was supposed to match the carpet, but also think it was a good look! As for Kevin Spacey, we also appreciated it that he wore classic attire but stepped it up a little!

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