Men’s Hairstyle Trends for the 2014 Summer

The men’s fashion scene went through a parallels evolution process with the men’s hairstyle trends, as old and already well-established “classics” were given an upgrade and brought up to the 21st century.

As we sometimes see all classic three piece suit styled up with a hippie vibe or a surfer’s twist, the hairstyles that go along with these looks have went through the same process: they have been taken to another level, a level that fits the modern man’s lifestyle.


A haircut should reflect one’s lifestyle as it is the perfect indicator of who you are and what you do. The one thing that differentiates your haircut from your clothes is the fact that you need to wear your haircut every day. If you can wear a certain piece of clothing, such as a leopard print jacket and decide the next day that it simply does not reflect your personality and lifestyle, a haircut is an element that you need to be comfortable and confident with each day.

Your hair, as we learned from the synonymous film, is a way to express what you think and what your values are, even though this sounds a little too pompous, don’t you think?

Unless you are wearing wigs, you should get a new haircut every four weeks or so. Even though many men are tempted to cut their hair less often than that, because “it still looks fine”, making such a big change in appearance every once in a while will make people wonder whether you got a makeover, when, in fact, you simply got a new haircut, which should not be such a big deal. The haircut is one of the key elements in men’s styling, as it confers you a certain feel. This is why you should use your features and choose the best haircut for your face shape.


The 2014 summer trends have arrived and according to the menswear fashion campaigns, which we will be using as our source of inspiration, there are about three major hairstyle trends that are in fashion this season, at which we are going to take a look.

What you should know is that unlike women’s hairstyle trends, men’s hairstyles are all based on classic styles and easily evolve from season to season, which is why this year’s trends are not very different from last year’s.

Basically, they are not very different from those that were fashionable 50 years ago, but they have been constantly upgraded to suit the time’s needs.


Slicked hair                             

It looks like for more than a century now, slicked (and sometimes back undercut) hair has been in fashion and has remained a sign of professionalism and elegance and it seems it won’t be out any time soon. And it shouldn’t, as it is a great look. The slicked back styles from the 20th century have morphed into a variety of versions of the same haircut. Basically, you can have your hair longer or shorter, higher or lower, and you can opt whether you want to have a big difference, a small one or no difference between the length of your hair from the sides and the hair found on the top of your head. We can see men with slicked hair in the ad campaigns of famous brands such as Corneliani, Vince Camuto and Oscar de la Renta.


 Slicked hair


As you can see in the pictures, you can slick your hair (and wear your buckle shoes as the song said) to the back or to the side, it is really up to you. We think that both looks are great, the only difference lies within the message they convey. While having your hair slicked to the side is a more calm, toned down look, slicking your hair to the back is a more aggressive and dynamic look, but it is still a look that sais professionalism and maturity.

Having slicked hair is going to give you a strong and dominant look, as hair that does not move is a sign of confidence and seriousness.

This look is appropriate for all ages and there is almost no setting in which it would be inappropriate. Next time you get a haircut, you can go for such a haircut, and if you don’t like it, you can always transform it into something else.


The quiff

The quiff is seen as a very modern hairstyle, but it actually has its roots in the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, the 50s flattop and it sometimes even references a mohawk. This haircut was popular among the British “Teddy bears” and regained popularity in the 1980 and a few years ago again.




However, the quiff is very versatile concept, as it can be done in a lot of ways and sometimes it can be taken on a whole different path that the result doesn’t look much like the original quiff. A quiff is generally shorter or the sides and longer on the top, but one can play with proportions so much that it doesn’t resonate with the theory anymore. And while generally a quiff is worn pointing to the clouds, it can also be styled down and worn pointing to your toes.

Such a haircut is more specific to younger men and men who work or feel creatively. By being such a versatile haircut, the quiff leaves a lot of room to originality and choices.

It all depends on how you choose to style it and with what clothes you choose to wear it with. Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Jeans, Zara, Libertine Libertine and Intissimi are just some of the brands that used men wearing quiffs in their ad campaigns for the spring-summer 2014 season.


Simple and very simple


 Simple hair


The third way of wearing your hair that is fashionable this summer is the simple style. It takes a man with confidence to cut his hair short and let it grow a little without doing much to it. You can opt for bangs or styling it upwards, downwards, sideways or in any other way, the result will always be different. Leaving your hair grow naturally and equally on all sides and going from there can sometimes look weird and unpolished, which is why we recommend you take great care of it if you choose to get a simple haircut. It’s weird how simplicity is hard to pull off, but can also be the most rewarding thing. Brands like Dior, G-Star Raw and the youth-oriented Just Cavalli line by Roberto Cavalli opted to style their models with very simple, yet sophisticated-looking haircuts. Having a simple haircut will make your face look more natural than any other styling will, so you must have a lot of confidence if you want to go “bare-style”.

This haircut, as all these are appropriate at any age if done right and can go in any setting.


Of course, there are also other ways you style your hair, for example a buzz cut is a great haircut if you want to feel free and showcase your features. Also, shaving your head might be something you can consider if you want to add a few years to your face or for any other reason. Keep in mind that having a shaved head still means you need to wash it just as well. Don’t forget what we always say about hair: a buzz cut is always better than any type of haircut if it’s dirty.


The way you maintain and style your mane is your way of talking about yourself. This is why it is crucial to feel comfortable with your hairstyle and conquer the world one good-hair-day at a time.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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