Choosing Your Haircut According to Your Face Shape (P)

Your haircut is a great way to express your personality. A good haircut can project an image of yourself that you want to convey to world, it can make you feel good and confident and will ensure you that you will present the best version of yourself to the world.

Choosing the right haircut will have a lot of benefits for you: you will look sharp, you will look polished and you’ll come across as a man who pays attention to details and knows himself inside and out.

Ina previous article, we discussed  how to choose glasses according to your face shape and hair style. In this guide, we discuss how to choose the best haircut according to your face shape. We will break down the different face types and give short insights into what styles fit best with each face shape. 


There are four main face types, but many people don’t fall in just one category. This is important to know, as this might help you adapt your haircut as well.


Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don`t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.

Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don’t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.


You can easily establish what type face you have, just by looking in the mirror and pulling your hair back, so that it doesn’t cover your face. Look at your forehead, your chin and your jawline and try to to see the category you fit in.

Here are the main characteristics of the four face types and our recommendations in regard to hair styling:


Ryan Reynolds oval face

Ryan Reynolds spikes his look with a clean haircut

The oval face is very common and flexible. Usually, the chin of an oval face is a little narrower than the forehead. Proportions are usually balanced. Oval faces have high cheek bones. Being so flexible, this type of face goes with pretty much anything. You can comb it to one side, do spikes or anything else, as pretty much anything goes. However, you might want to not cover your face with hair, so avoid heavy bangs.


Elijah Wood round face

Elijah Wood adds some sharpness to his look by rocking a messy haircut

Round faces usually have full cheeks and sometimes a rounded chin with few angles. This type of face also has an equal length and width. If you have a round face, you can keep your hair in such a way that it balances your features. Stay away from round hairstyles, and try to keep the sides leaner and style the hair a little higher at the top and front so that you provide balance. An off-center part for example, or some waves at the level of the eyes will help minimize roundness. You can look for inspiration at actor Elijah Wood.


Daniel Radcliffe emphasizes his features with a voluminous haircut

Daniel Radcliffe emphasizes his features with a voluminous haircut

Heart-faces have a broad forehead and wide and high cheek bones that will narrow to a small chin. This type of face normally has a narrow jaw line. If you have a heart-face, you might want to choose a longer hairstyle, as it will add volume under your cheekbones. Try not to go too big on the upper half of your head, as it will exaggerate your features. Also, slicked back is a bad idea, so try to avoid it!


Channing Tatum square face

Channing Tatum elongates his face wearing soft spikes

Square faces have a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and a square chin. Width and length are also proportional. Because square faces are so… well, square, you need to go for a look that will soften your features. Haircuts in layers are best, but make sure you don’t go for something with bangs or that needs parting in the middle. This will only bring more lines to your features.



Zac Efron haircut

Zac Efron traded his face-covering haircut for a style that makes his features pop

Knowing what your face type and what goes best with it can be a little difficult, so we recommend that
you consult with your barber or stylist before making a big change. Also, make sure that whatever hairstyle you have, keep your hair in order and clean.

Moreover, look at the features you like about your face, and try to make them stand out. You can also camouflage the features you don’t like. For example, if you have bigger ears, avoid a tight haircut that will emphasize them. This does not mean to cover them, but adding a little volume on the sides will help balance your look.

If you have a slim neck, avoid haircuts that have a high taper, as they will make you slimmer. If you have a big nose, you can go for a fuller haircut.

In the end, it’s all about the attitude!

So, rock that haircut and own your face type and you are already a better man!




Fraquoh and Franchomme






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20 thoughts on “Choosing Your Haircut According to Your Face Shape (P)

  1. I have a round face. and I keep long sideburns and short hair evenly on all sides, but It just doesn’t seem right. Would greatly appreciate a comment on this. Probably a suggestion as to what kind of a haircut and length of Sideburns would I need to make my face look more proportional and balanced ?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for the comment. If you have a very round face, long sideburns will simply add more geometry to it and will “defocus” you. If you draw a circle and two long lines on the sides, you will notice that the figure is not balanced, but that there are two points of interest, which is probably why it doesn’t look right to you.

      Since you can not change the shape of your face that easily, you can adjust your sideburns. We would recommend that you trim them both in length and in width. However, make sure that you don’t make them too narrow. making them too narrow will make them look almost invisible, and will make your face look rather “dirty” than polished as the sideburns won’t be very visible. You can trim your sideburns and have them in a medium size (their end can be 1,5 cm / 1 inch higher than your earlobe or a little higher).

      Also, have you tried taking them down completely? Maybe this will give you a very different look and you might want to go with it!

      In terms of haircuts, round faces do well with longer hair, but you can also wear it very short. Slicking it to the side is probably not the best idea, so try to give your haircut a “pattern” structure, meaning that it should be as equal is possible in terms of structure. Notice how actors such as Elijah Wood can also wear the Frodo hair but also the buzz cut very well. However, you rarely see him with slicked hair (especially to the side). He tried it, but it made him look older.

      Usually, your sideburns should be proportionate to your hair: if you have a nice haircut but very voluminous sideburns, they will take the spotlight and the only time you want your sideburns to stand out is if they are your style statement.

      Let us know if this works for you!



    • Hello,

      Thank you for the comment! We are glad you turned to us with your style question!

      Oval faces are very versatile and flexible, they go with pretty much anything. The only thing we would not recommend would be oval frames. Big, square frames with rounded edges could contrast well with your face, making your features stand out! You can also wear round glasses or narrow, rectangular ones!

      To learn more about choosing glasses, you can check out this Attire Club article:

      Since you asked a question in an article about haircuts, we assume that you wish to learn what you can do with your hair. Your hair can be made more flexible, for example you can use conditioner after you wash it. This will result in it being softer and easier to work with. Otherwise, you can work with short haircuts that simply stay in place, such as spikes or just front-bangs.

      However, if you want to have more interesting hairstyle you can make use of different hair products. We wrote an article on the advantages and disadvantages of men’s hair styling products and when to use each here:

      Furthermore, there are a lot of haircuts you can choose from. Oval faces are, as we already stated, versatile and can work with pretty much any haircut. You can always use conditioner to make your hair softer and apply products afterwards to get the best results! If you need some inspiration in terms of haircuts inspiration, you can check out this guide:

      If you have more questions, please let us know here or per e-mail at

      We can also offer personalized style consultance, you can write us at or first you can read more about it here:

      We’re sure these tips will help! You should definitely try them out!

      Best wishes,

      Fraquoh and Franchomme

    • Hi Rajesh,

      We’d like to help, but we don’t know anything about what you look like! The only thing we can say is that a buzz cut is always better than a messy haircut, so if you really don’t know what to do, go for a buzz cut!

  2. I got a diamond shaped face, which i hate myself, not getting a suitable hair style.!! And i love to grow my hair .which style should i choose?

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