The Complete Guide To Shoe Laces (B)

Shoe laces, shoe strings in American English or bootlaces in UK English are not just a system that helps you fasten and secure your footwear. They can also be a style statement.

Many of you have had issues with shoelaces. They break and then you discover that it’s not that easy to replace them. In this guide, you will be able to read all about shoelaces: from types to colors and fabrics.

Shoe laces come in different shapes and sizes and different laces go best different types of shoes.



Shoe laces styles

1. The most common are flat shoe laces. These are usually to be found in casual shoes, sports shoes and everyday models. This type usually stays tied for a longer period of time, which is why it is used for shoes that are worn when you are doing a lot of physical activity. They are also more comfortable against the top of the foot.

2. For more elegant surroundings, round shoe laces are the recommended type. This type is definitely not as common and goes best with formal outfits. HUP, for example is a brand that deals with “beautiful details” as they put it, offering really special shoe laces. Their products cater to a vast audience and are created with a lot of attention to detail and to the whole picture as well.


Wonderful round laces by HUP


3. No-tie shoe laces are a special kind of laces that basically turn laced shoes into slip-on shoes. They are usually popular among children who can’t tie their own laces. They are casual and usually decorative and enjoyed by funky adults or those who prefer slip-on shoes. They usually divide into elastic and non-elastic. The elastic ones hold their tightly-curled form on the unused portion of the shoelace. This means that that it does not back through the eyelets when the ends are pulled through the highest. Non-elastic, locking shoelaces however, have plastic or metal clasps. These can be pulled tightly and locked into place right near the highest eyelets. This will keep the shoelaces tightly in place.



Shoe lace length

Most people seem to have issues with establishing the right length of their shoe laces. This is because there is no exact rule.

Of course, children’s shoes will need shorter laces than adult’s shoes, but there are many other factors you need to take into consideration. The eyelets of your shoe are a strong indicator of how long your shoe laces must be. For example, 4 eyelets (on both sides) on a standard size shoe would require a 28 inch shoe lace, 6 eyelets match a 35 inch string, 10 eyelets are best for 39 inches and 20 eyelets need a 59 shoe string. Of course, 20 eyelets is something you would normally meet in a boot.

These numbers though are not exact if you wish to do any other shoe lace tying technique than the classic criss-cross lacing. For more complex and complicated shoe lacing techniques, you will need longer shoe laces. In a previous article, we discussed 16 creative ways to tie your shoe laces.



Shoe laces and color

The most common colors shoe laces have are black or brown since they are neutral and go with anything. Occasionally, you will see brown shoes with a matching brown pair of laces, and sometimes they can even be tan or beige.

It is customary for younger people who wear athletic shoes to wear more colorful laces, but we certainly don’t think that they are the sole market for that.

As fashion experts, we recommend that you wear colorful laces with any type of shoes. Contrast colors, for example look great. Wearing colorful laces will transform your laces into a fashion statement and won’t go unnoticed.

The brand we mentioned earlier (HUP) does a great job in using color to the best advantage of the shoe and of the wearer, so you can find a lot of inspiration there.





Shoe laces and aglets

Aglets are the things that actually hold the laces together. They are those hard tips at the end of the strings that allow the wearer to quickly put the string through the eyelets. They are very practical and usually made out of plastic or metal. Normally they are simple, but sometimes you will find more decorative ones made out of copper or brass.




Additional information

It is really necessary to treat your shoe laces as an accessory. Choosing the color and type you are going to wear is a mark of your personality. This is why we recommend that you also wash your shoe laces and take them out when you polish your shoes. Doing so, you will get a fresh look and the image of your shoes will always be complete.



These are the things you need to look for when buying shoe laces whether it’s on or off-line. Even though they are a small accessory, shoe laces are necessary, so we wish that you make the best of them.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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  1. I work with shoes and I found this information really useful for men’s shoes, lately lots of brand have been messing with their laces and there’s all kinds of lace options that brands include with their shoes, there’s multiple colors included, and some brands lace their dress shoes in different ways straight out of the box! It confuses some buyers why the brands do that. Nice that you’ve listed out the basics about laces!

    likkie xx,

  2. what should you colored shoe laces match in your outfit? I received a pack of multiple colored laces and have never used them since I have been unable to locate additional information. Should they match you socks, accent on you clothing, or nothing at all? Thanks,

    • Dear Scott,

      Thank you very much for the question – we are glad you reached out to us!

      Regarding your question, we can tell you that your shoe laces are not supposed to be an exact match to anything, but they do need to go with the overall color scheme of your outfit.

      To learn more about coordinating colors, check out these articles:

      A Guide to Coordinating the Colors of Your Clothes:

      Choose the Colors of Your Clothes Like a Pro:

      Basically, you can match your shoe laces to another piece or accessory, but this is not mandatory, they simply need to be integrated within your overall look.

      Please note that generally, if you dress up for a rather formal setting, you should maintain your shoe laces neutral (black, gray, etc.) and an exact match to your outfit.

      Your question is a good idea for a future article – make sure you subscribe to our website to receive it once it goes live!

      Until then, feel free to ask us any other questions you might have regarding fashion, style and attitude!

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