The Guide To Undershirts (B)

Undershirts are a very important part of the clothes you need to have in your wardrobe, even if most people won’t get to see them. Wearing the right undershirt will make you feel great, which will make you look great. Undershirts are protective and serve for more than just making your skin invisible if you are wearing a transparent shirt. In this guide, we have put together a list of functions undershirts have, we detailed the variety of styles and made our recommendations. So read the guide and pick out what’s best for you and your lifestyle.



Undershirts are very old as a concept. In fact, they are so old that we don’t even know when or where they originated. We do know that the Romans were wearing some sort of undershirt. In the late 1800s, early 1900s, men used to wear those awful (to us) full-body undershirts which we are thankful that are not in use anymore. Throughout the 20th century, plain t-shirts were used in the US army, but were also worn by guys as a fashion statement. Wearing a plain t-shirt in a conservative era could have been a sign of liberation and freedom!



Basically, undershirts have more functions. Each function is very important in its own and wearing the right undershirt can make you check all 3 functions. Here’s what the 3 functions are:


1. They absorb sweat. The main function of an undershirt is to absorb your sweat so that it doesn’t look bad on your shirt or so you don’t feel it on your body in an uncomfortable way. By doing this, you avoid unaesthetic stains on your shirt

2. They help your clothes last longer. By not allowing your sweat to reach your shirt that you are showing to the world, undershirts help your clothes last longer. This way, a possible sweat mark will go on the undershirt and your shirt will be fresh and clean.

3. They keep you warm. Besides from all the factors that involve hygiene and preserving your clothes, undershirts can be a good thing to wear if you want to keep warm. This is why we recommend that they should be made out of natural fibers such as cotton.



Having these factors in consideration, we can now go on to the second part of the article. Here we will look at the most common types of undershirts and wage their advantages and possible disadvantages.


1. V-neck t-shirt. The v-neck t-shirt is the most common and the most preferred undershirt around. Why is the v-neck so important? Well, having a low neckline, it ensures that your undershirt will not be visible behind your shirt, no matter of the configuration of your buttons or if you keep one or even two buttons open. Shirtless for example, is a brand that offers high quality undershirts. The products they offer are made from 100% pima, extra-long staple cotton and are ultralight. This is a very important factor when you are looking for an undershirt. The lighter the undershirt, the better! Which brings us to our second type.

A v-neck undershirt by Shirtless. It has an anatomic design, saglan sleeves and seamless shoulders.

A v-neck undershirt by Shirtless. It has an anatomic design, raglan sleeves and seamless shoulders.

2. Crew neck t-shirt. Many men prefer crew neck t-shirts. Crew necks are basically the classic neckline we know and love. They work for a very wide range of men, even though some consider that showing an undershirt is not very nice. In this case, we say each to his own, but there is one thing you need to be very careful with. Whatever type of undershirt you go with, make sure that it fits your body very well. A bulky undershirt is not only uncomfortable, but it can have a negative impact on the way your shirt fits you.

Made out of 100% Pima cotton, this piece by Shirtless can be also worn by itself, as well as an undershirt, as it's neckline is cut slightly deeper and wider.

Made from 100% pima, extra-long staple cotton, this piece by Shirtless can be also worn by itself, as well as an undershirt, as its neckline is cut slightly deeper and wider.

3. Tank top. Even though tank tops look great, they aren’t suited for everyone. While they don’t give you any underarm protection, they are perfect for guys who don’t sweat a lot or who need just back protection. They can be great for those who wish to wear very short sleeves. When you are wearing a tank top, always make sure that it’s well tucked and that it doesn’t show.

A tank top by Ribbed Tee

A tank top by Ribbed Tee

4. Muscle shirt. The muscle shirt is a very common type of undershirt as well. Even though they are great for exercising, muscle shirts are not a great undershirt. This is because being sleeveless, they can allow your sweat come in contact with your shirt. Athletic shirts are great for sports and for keeping warm, as well as for other activities when you’d like to be more covered than just with a tank top, but not as much as a classic t-shirt would cover you.

5. Long sleeved shirt. Long-sleeved undershirts can come in many shapes and sizes. While they can be perfect for some occasions, they are not recommended in many other ones. First of all, they can only be worn with long sleeves. Also, if you wear them with long sleeves, you can’t roll up your sleeve in case you need to or in case you get too warm. Usually, long sleeved undershirts are perfect to be worn with sweaters or other casual clothes and are great in winter as they keep your entire arm warm.



Undershirts are an important part of your outfit, even though they should remain invisible (which is why we recommend that they be white). It’s up to every man to decide which type of undershirt is best for him, but we can tell you that the better the undershirt, the better you will feel. If you prefer a tank top, go for a tank top, if you prefer a crew neck, go for one, and if you wish to wear a v-neck shirt, we encourage you to do so as well. Find the type that fits you best and make it your own! All this being said, who says you can’t wear an undershirt as a simple style statement?


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P.S. What type of undershirt do you prefer? Share your comments below!


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  1. I tend to wear v-necks when I am wearing a tie–I don’t need the extra bulk around the collar. When I leave the top button open, however, I prefer the crew–both to cover up the upper chest and to add a splash of color. What do you think? Fashion faux pas?

    • It’s not a faux pas in our opinion. A few years ago, it was considered that it’s not very nice to have a visible undershirt, but today there are many men who choose to keep it visible, a trend which has been popularized by the media world as well.

    • Hy Ben,

      Thank you for the question! Wearing a good undershirt will absorb your sweat and cool you off! Always go for a good fabric and a good cut, stay away from polyester or sagging designs!

    • Dear JK Fred,

      Undershirts can definitely make your shirts last longer! We encourage you very much to try them out!


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