How to Dress Up Casual Pants (B)

Ripstop Khaki Sunset JoggerSome clothing items are so obvious that we sometimes take them for granted and forget their importance and that they are such a big part of our everyday outfits. It’s kind of a “missing the forest for the trees situation”. Casual pants are one of those items. We wear them day in and day out and sometimes miss to realize that they are so important and that there are many ways in which one can wear casual pants and still stand out from the crowd, express himself and feel good.

Shopping for pants can be hard, but remember that if you are buying jeans, chinos or khakis, you should try on or consider at least 25 – 35 pairs before deciding on one. The shopping process can be harder for those looking to find a pair of pants that is more different and interesting than what you normally find on the shelves. For those men, one of the brands we recommend is Rustic Dime, a label that offers a great variety of casual pants that fit any size, taste and budget. They design pants of all types of fits, as well as jeans, joggers and shorts. Even though until now the brand has been known for their jeans, they have recently launched a great new collection of shorts that can add a pop of color to your wardrobe as well as a new line of denim washes with which you can toughen up your everyday looks, regardless of the season.

Whichever your preference of pants might be, we recommend that you make the best of them. In this sense, we have put together a few tips for you to consider the next time you are creating an outfit. Of course, these are not unbreakable rules, but they do come in handy if you wish to look your best.



1. Style them up

A very versatile pair of pants from Rustic Dime

A very versatile pair of pants from Rustic Dime

A casual pair of pants can be dressed up for a great style effect. Knowing how to dress up a pair of casual pants will emphasize both your pants and your other main items. A casual pair of pants can be dressed up by wearing it with another big item (shirt, jacket, etc.) that looks dressier than the pants. Being able to find an item that is just at the border between casual and dressy can be hard. However, we have some ideas in which you might find your inspiration:

a) A casual pair of pants can be dressed up by wearing it with a shirt. However, not every shirt will do it – our recommendation is to go for a casual shirt that looks like a dressy shirt. For example, a white cowboy shirt that features one or two pockets is such a shirt, as it is casual and won’t break the whole vibe of the outfit, but it also references a classic dress shirt.

b) Another great way to make your slacks look dressier is to wear them with a blazer. The whole trick is to know how to pick a blazer that will go well with casual pants. Our recommendation is to go for a piece that has the cut of a classic suit jacket but that has an interesting element in terms of color for example. A jacket that features a classic cut, but that has an interesting or colorful pattern or print is also a good way to go.

c) A third way to style up your pants is by adding a few dressy accessories. Of course, the style of the accessories is up to you, but what is important here to know is that wearing just one dressy accessory (e.g. a watch) won’t do it alone. You need at least three accessories that are of the same category (e.g. a golden watch, a dressy belt and a shiny bracelet).


Styling up a casual pair of pants is not an easy task, but if you put your mind to it and try many different combinations, you can definitely achieve it.



2. Incorporate them in a color scheme

Rustic Dime PantsWhen you are creating an outfit, it is very important to create a color scheme that works for you. The colors of your clothes must reflect your personality, your taste and your interpretation of the setting for which you are dressing up.

Since your pants are such a big part of your outfit – it’s a bit hard to make them go unnoticed; their color needs to be in coordination to the rest of your outfit. Therefore, if your pants are neutral (in fashion, neutrals are colors that go with anything. These are: gray, beige, black, white, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, etc.), you can wear them with any other color.


A colorful pair of pants can be matched to a neutral shirt. From the new RD collection.

Otherwise, for a safe bet and a quick fix, you can pair them with a color that lies close on the color spectrum to the colors of your pants (e.g. red and orange, blue and purple, etc. are pairs of colors that lie closely to each other on the color spectrum).You can also wear them with  garment in a color that lies on the color wheel on the opposite side of the color of your pants (red and green, blue and yellow, etc. are pairs of colors that lie on opposite sides on the color spectrum). Wearing the same color twice, but in different shades also results in a great effect.

There are other types of color schemes you can do as well, but the main thing you should remember when it comes to the colors of your clothes is that the color scheme you are creating should integrate all the items you are wearing (including your accessories and shoes) and that the result must be pleasing to the eye. Of course, this is a subjective thing, but, if you feel that something doesn’t work, make a change.



3. Mix them up

A colorful pair of pants can be matched to a neutral shirt. From the new RD collection.

A colorful pair of pants can be matched to a neutral shirt. From the new RD collection.

If you have a great pair of pants and you want them to look great, you should definitely wear them with other great pieces. Yes, your pants can be the main focus of your outfit, but they deserve to be complemented with other great pieces.

This is why you should always consider wearing pieces that either:

– match your pants (meaning they follow the same aesthetic) or

– compliment with your pants (meaning that they follow a different aesthetic, as we discussed above)


Mixing up your pants can also mean that you should compliment them with accessories. Belts, chains and even pins are all great items that have the ability to emphasize the aesthetic of your pants, to make them more personal and more interesting and to give you a unique aesthetic.


To conclude, we can say that any pair of pants can look amazing if you know how to wear them. As you can see, making your pants stand out is quite easy. Moreover, wearing your pants with joy will also give you a better attitude. And you know what we always say: when you look good, you feel good, so why not do everything you can to look great?



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