The Best Dressed Men from the 2017 Grammys

The 59th edition took place on February 12th. Held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the event was broadcast in the USA by the CBS network. The main music awards ceremony came as every year accompanied by a red carpet event, where the celebrities of the music industry showcased their clothes and accessories.

Discover our fashion edit of the best dressed men from the Grammy Awards.



John Legend



There was nothing extremely outlandish about John Legend’s look in terms of shape or concept. However, the colors of his shirt and bow tie (which also featured a cool print) were truly on point. This type of color is very hard to work with, but if you get the right shade and the right amount of shine as John did, you are striking gold.



Rick Ross



Rick Ross offered rapper chic on the red carpet with bold chains, a long shiny jacket and large sunglasses. While these were not our favorites to be honest, we really dug the shoes. They made up for everything the outfit lacked.  That was a good choice!



Nick Jonas



Nick Jonas makes it once again on our best-dressed list. The singer wore an incredible black jacket with white accents that were just the right amount, the right shape and the right size. Also, Nick’s grooming and styling was done impeccably, as they are usually done. Good job!



John Cale



Welsh musician John Cale wore a very cookie outfit at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The jacket was weird, the pants were weird, the sunglasses were weird, but everything was just right! Also, posing with Betsey Johnson doesn’t hurt. All in all, John Cale has a style of his own, which we love and are happy that he keeps it coherent.



Jason Derulo



We really love seeing fur on the red carpet. Especially this big and on men. This is why we couldn’t leave music star Jason Derulo out of our best dressed list! The slippers were also great, we just love them! Well done!



Leon Bridges



Singer Leon Bridges wore a great white suit accessorized with a black tie, a lapel pin and a pocket square. It seems that there is a trend lately among men to wear three accessories in the upper half of their bodies and we’re OK with it, as long as you keep it looking good. We would have skipped the tie clip, as these are usually worn when the weather it windy, but we’ll give him a pass.



The Chainsmokers



Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers were all about the details at the Grammys this year. We really loved the placement and size of Drew’s belt and the matching lines on Alex’s suit. Great job!


The Grammys were one again a rather conventional, but still pretty stylish event. While we would have loved to see more color, shine and unconventional shapes we were pleased to see that the men of the music industry wore it well on this February evening.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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