In Their Own Words: Designer Nat Stakhniv

Nat Stakhniv is the Creative Director of the Nat Atelier label. Founded in London in 2015, the label is defined by conceptual and philosophical approach to fashion. It focuses on a minimalist aesthetic but holds versatility and comfort as strong values.

The label has just launched its autumn-winter 2017-18 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev in the Ukraine and we wanted to discover more about the collection right from the designer.


Read our interview with Nat:



You are currently launching your latest collection. What has been the inspiration for the collection?



I chose the constructivism of the twenties and thirties as the main idea for my collection. What interested me especially was constructivism in architecture, its structure and dynamics. What is specific for this direction is plenty of clear lines which coexist with spirals. So things have a clear cut and feature expressive bindings resembling metallic constructions.


How do these elements translate into your designs?

They are revealed mostly in the shapes of the cuts and the clothing’s construction.


What do you think will be the main trends in ready-to- wear menswear in the fall-winter 2017-18 season in terms of color, fabrics and shapes?



I think that men’s fashion will continue to balance between classics and comfortable casual on the one side and deep concept message on the other side. As for materials, functional and comfortable fabrics will prevail. The color palette in men’s fashion is rather stable, so combinations of black, gray and navy will stay with us, though bright colors will be included as accents.


What do you think causes these trends?

Trends are usually introduced by the life itself, including political situation in the world and significant events in culture and society. Fashion industry and art always reflect such aspects. Everything is connected in this life.


What are you personally currently obsessed with, fashion- and otherwise?

I definitely have a passion for graphic, geometric, abstract elements and that subtle border between functionality and pure aesthetics. This really inspires me.


Thank you!


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