A Case for Versatile Pants

One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding men’s fashion and style is about choosing the right basic pieces such as shirts, pants, jackets, etc. Most men understand the importance of having a go-to wardrobe, but have difficulties in choosing the right pieces to create their capsule collection.

In this guide, we take a look at what you should look for when buying a pair of pants which you can dress up or down and which you can wear in any environment. Such a versatile pair of pants is not always easy to find, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For example, Blackbird is a recently-launched clothing label that has set out to do just that: offer a high-quality pair of pants that is not only stylish, but also versatile. The design of the pants make it go in most settings and with many types of clothes, from casual polo shirts to dress shirts that you wear at work. Also, they gave their pants an interesting twist with their deep pockets, which ensure the wearer that their belongings such as their phone or wallet will not get lost. But what makes the Blackbird pants really special is their fabric. They are made from the same material as yoga pants, which means that they are extremely flexible and comfortable; but they still look like dress pants, which is a revolutionary concept if you think about it. Currently, Blackbird is in the midst of raising funds for their pants, which they are doing through a Kickstarter campaign. Their concept definitely encapsulates the notion of versatile pants. So, without further ado, take a look at what the requirements of any versatile pants are:




The number one thing when it comes to choosing the right clothes is fit. Fit in fashion means that a piece of clothing should be tight enough to hug your body, but loose enough to allow you to move freely. When you are searching for a new pair of pants that you can wear almost anywhere, you should inspect not only the cut to be the right one for your legs (not more than one pleat at the bottom), but also that the fabric is strong enough to allow you any type of movement. In case you have issues with finding a pair of pants that fits your legs both in terms of length and of width, we recommend going for a pair of larger pants that you then take to a tailor for adjustments. Having a tailored pair of pants will not only make you look great, but it will also make you feel great as well.




When it comes to clothes and colors, we encourage you to wear any color you like and that flatters your skin tone. However, if you are searching for a simple, versatile pair of pants, we highly recommend opting for a neutral pair of pants. In fashion, neutral colors are a series of colors that go with any other color and with each other and, if worn as a solid, go with absolutely any print, pattern or texture. Within the neutral colors category fall the following colors: black, gray, beige, ivory, white, khaki, tan, brown, dark blue. Buy a pair of pants in one of these colors, and you’re all set.






When it comes to style, things tend to be a little more complicated, but we’ll keep them simple. A versatile pair of pants is a pair of pants that goes with anything. In this sense, you should make sure that it does not fall into a very specific category of pants, such as sweatpants or cargo pants. A versatile pair of pants has both traits of casual pants as well as of dress pants. For example, it can have a more tailored fit, a simple, dressy design, but it can be made from a more casual fabric. Try to go for something that would work both with a polo shirt and with a dress shirt. Go for a sleek cut, a simple design and avoid pockets on the side of the legs and baggy cuts.



Additional information

While we encourage every man to have a go-to pair of pants, we must stress that certain settings require certain clothes. For example, if your work environment requires you to wear dress pants, you should not steer away from their dress code. On the same note, certain contexts ask you to wear a certain dress code, in which case you should respect it and go for the appropriate pair of pants.


Having a versatile, go-to pair of pants is a very important thing, as you will always be ready to go and do anything. Feeling assured that you have the right thing to wear will make you feel confident and relaxed and will save you a lot of time, effort and energy. Owning a great, versatile pair of pants will make you not only look good, but feel good as well, as, as we always say, when you look good, you feel confident and you will have a positive attitude.



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