4 Colors to Wear that Always Make an Impact

Wearing color is something that many men are quite reticent to. However, once you get the basics of putting together a color scheme, you will discover the power colors and the way you mix them have on yourself and your interactions with the world. Soon enough, you will want to experiment with bold colors, but will find that they are quite hard to incorporate in an outfit.

Here are some insightful tips about some very strong colors that will help you amp up your style game.





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One of the colors our eyes notice very easily and that really draws attention is red. The reason why red is so strong and so commanding goes back to the earliest humans, the hunter-gatherers. For cave people, red meant ripe fruit, so they had to develop a very sharp eye for red.

If you are going to wear something red, you should definitely expect to be noticed.

When it comes to the ways in which you can wear red, there are several options you can go for. A neutral is probably one of the best ways to go. In fashion, neutrals are those colors that go with any color and that can be used as a base or to tone down an outfit. These are gray, black, white, khaki, beige, brown, ivory, tan, etc. Red can also be worn with a strong complementary color such as blue or green or with an analog color, such as orange, depending on the impact you want to make and the message you want to convey.





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Those who still want to make a bold impact, yet remain more on the conservative side, can go for red’s more traditional cousin, burgundy. While burgundy is not a neutral, many people tend to wear it as such. And that is for a good reason, as burgundy can be paired with many colors, it goes with very different colors such as green or yellow.

Moreover, burgundy is one of those colors that goes really well with any type of skin tone, especially with darker skin tones, as it flatters almost anyone who isn’t a spring.

Burgundy is a nice way of showcasing creativity and originality without being too bold and drawing lots of attention to you.





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Because of its long and controversial cultural history, pink is one of those colors that will definitely get people to have a strong and polarized opinion about your look.

Pink is a bright color, even if you choose to wear a darker shade and can be quite hard to mix and match. It goes with colors such as yellow or teal for more casual, flashy, crazier looks. If you want to keep it more conservative, you should go for a neutral, but for a more muted neutral, such as brown, tan, khaki or ivory. Wearing pink with a highly contrasting neutral such as black will make it stand out strongly.





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Yellow is probably one of the hardest colors to wear. It’s hard to find colors that go well with it. Yes, blue goes great with yellow, but blue is more of an exception or a rule in this case. Because yellow is so bright, it will make every color you wear with it look a little muted, faded or even dirty. This is why you should be extremely careful to wear yellow only with impeccable clothes in well-defined colors that have a lot of depth to them.

Furthermore, yellow is a color that does not compliment everyone the same. While anyone can find a way to wear yellow, it is best suited for springs, who have a light complexion.

Sometimes, the best way to wear yellow is in a pattern or with a pattern that will balance out the boldness of the color.



Bonus: White


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Probably the strongest neutral next to black, white is a color that is quite hard to pull off. Because of its high intensity, white will definitely stand out and add a lot of emphasis to the body part it covers. So, if you want to showcase one body part a lot, you should wear white in that area.


Wearing highly impactful colors is not very easy sartorially speaking, but once you get to do it right, it will open many doors and you will be able to create very bold looks. Remember that practice makes perfect and that, while you might not pull it off from the get go, if you are consistent in doing it, you will be able to put together strong outfits that will give you a great attitude and confidence.


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