The Best Menswear Looks from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

Paris Fashion Week just wrapped up in the French capital, as numerous designers showcased their collections for the spring 2018 season in the Ville Lumière.

Similarly to London and quite opposite to Milan, the designs that were showcased were from the experimental category, as they presented more of a broken down version of masculinity than an enhancement of the male experience. But there were many great outfits on the runways, which are definitely remarkable and can serve as great shopping and dressing inspiration.

Discover our favorite looks from the shows in our fashion edit:






The individual colors and the color combination of this look from the Valentino show made the outfit a stunning presence. We loved the subtle mix of brown and different shades of blue, which were well-balanced and extremely soft, yet very powerful. Great job!






This look from Loewe is very ethnic in aesthetics. We definitely love the simplicity, which is usually a characteristic of great traditional outfits. While these particular clothes are not ethnic in nature, they are a great reference and compose a new type of ethnic attire, which is what makes them so remarkable and noteworthy.



Issey Miyake



This outfit by Issey Miyake is special in our eyes because it is a casual and unexpected take on a business look. The white shirt was given an update and the gray pants were deconstructed to be made casual and boyish. It’s fun, whimsical and practical at the same time. A great combo for a summer look!






A reference to the 1950s, this look by Ami is a wonderful spring combo. With a great floral print and neutral, loose-cut pants, this outfit is balanced and very stylish. We really enjoy seeing updated styles: it’s great to see labels present vintage-inspired clothes made with the latest technology.






Impeccable white, impeccable blue: the winning navy combination for a fun summer. We loved the fit, the fabrics and the overall cuts of these clothes from the Cerruti spring 2018 collection. Well done!



SSS World Corp



You can channel your street thug attitude (not to be understood the actions) with this SSS World Corp outfit. We really like the whole bad boy vibe, on which the label put a fun twist. Fashion is often too serious, so when a brand creates looks that put a fun twist on clothes, they’re always on our “Best of” list.






Simple, sophisticated and highly elegant: these are the terms that describe this Sacai look best. We love the mix of solid whites with the small pattern. The accessories and attention to detail are amazing and the overall result is amazing. One of our favorite looks from one of our favorite collections.






A shiny green shirt with a matte blue jacket and pants combo that fit impeccably is the way to go. Hermès always has great looks and we always enjoy seeing how the brand can convey great elegance through extreme simplicity, which is very complex, if you look at it with a close eye.


Between Valentino, Cerruti and many others, this edition of Paris Fashion Week had some promising looks, but has also let identify some problems on which the fashion industry needs to work.

New York is the next and last major city in which menswear will be showcased for the spring-summer 2018 season and we will keep our eyes on it to get a clear picture of how designers reflect the world in their clothes.

Paris has always been a creative city, which is why there are always so many unique creations coming out of it; many of which we’re sure will positively shape future trends and tendencies.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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