MQVFW17 Focus: Thai Designers

It’s become a tradition at MQVFW (MuseumsQuartier Vienna Fashion Week) to have a Thai night during Austria’s main fashion event. Each year, a series of Thai designers come to the Austrian capital to showcase their collections and visions for the upcoming season.



This year, five Thai labels presented their latest creations, one of them being a collaboration with an Austrian label.

Discover our favorite looks!






Minimal and sleek, the Issi collection featured savvy cuts and soft hard lines. The clothes were a look inwards to fashion, as the focus was placed mostly on the techniques that were used to create sophisticated and complex pieces.



Black Sugar



Staying true to their aesthetic, the Black Sugar collection presented this fall in Vienna was architectural and bold. Making use of a limited palette of colors, the brand focused on the structural details make the garments unique and on creating a constant tension, given by the balancing act between hard and soft.






Munzaa’s philosophy of mixing art and craft was visible in their latest collection, as carefully-crafted garments with fine lines and soft colors walked down the runway of Vienna. Using only natural materials, the collection felt organic and extremely soothing, which is what one ultimately wants from their clothes.





Linda Charoenlab’s collection for the spring-summer 2018 season brought color and vibrant shapes to the runway. Filled with a young sense of humor, the brand impressed with their funny prints and cool details, such as the fluffy pom poms.



Paul Direk X Pitour



Creating a bond between Thailand and Austria, the collaboration between Paul Direk and Maria Oberfrank’s label Pitour was reflection of the idea that opposites sometimes do attract. Not only were the clothes based on an opposite aesthetic from a chromatic point of view (black and white), but they were also based on an aesthetic relying on the tension between complicated and simple. This gave birth to a new approach to fashion, which is why the title of this spring-summer 2018 collection, “Change” was relevant and consistent with the clothes.


Asian fashion has been for many years seen as the avant-garde to global fashion, as it has inspired countless designers from around the world. This is why it is definitely noteworthy and relevant to have such an evening at an important European Fashion Week, as these types of events build bridges and connect the world, pushing creativity forward.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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