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Attire Club Wearing Paisley

The Guide to Wearing Paisley

Paisley is one of the most known designs in fashion and style. The droplet-shaped vegetable motif has an Indian and Persian origin and is originally called...

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Attire Club Matching Shirt and Tie

Matching Your Shirt and Tie: A Guide (P)

Wearing a shirt and a tie is one of the strongest things associated with manliness. Many men from around the world wear shirts and ties on a daily basis and...

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Attire Club Improve Attitude

3 Ways to Instantly Have a Better Attitude

Your attitude is a very important of your everyday life. Having a good, positive outlook over the world and a strong attitude can make you not only do...

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Attire Club Your Looks and Your Clothes The Connection

Your Job and Your Clothes: The Connection

You often hear people say that you should not dress for the job you have, but for the job you want to have. This basically means that you need to dress up...