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Attire Club Fashion Firsts

A List of Fascinating Fashion Firsts

The fashion world prides itself with always being innovative, ahead of the curve and overall with one foot in the future. In the end, this is only normal,...

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Attire Club Linen

12 Things You Should Know About Linen

A Norse Projects linen 6 panel cap Linen is a wonderful fabric and an excellent sartorial choice for the warm season. Linen can be worn in a very wide...

Fashion and Music

At the Confluence of Arts


Connecting Fashion And Music

So you want to be Jack the pirate. Or Superman, or Spider-man or any other big hero you grew up watching on television and in movies. What`s the way to achieve...

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Attire Club 6 Mens Office Fashion Tips

6 Men’s Office Fashion Tips

A look that follows all the office fashion rules Some companies require their employees to follow a very strict code. Back a while ago, a 46-page long...