10 Easy Ways Men Can Improve Their Appearance (B)

We all want to look our best. This is a fact.  However, for most guys, the world of fashion and style is still a mystery that needs to be solved or a puzzle that appears to take too much time to begin assembling. It is known that looking better will make you feel better. Your appearance can influence the way you feel about yourself and about others.

Being good-looking will also make you more attractive, more confident and will place you one step ahead when it comes to getting a job interview, taking part in a meeting, dating a woman or a guy or any other setting.

If you lack the time and knowledge to dive into some serious personal styling sessions, you should know that there is still hope.

We have put together a list of ten easy things and man can do NOW to improve his appearance and benefit from all the advantages a good image brings with itself.

Take a look at our list and take from it what you need: you might use one tip or you might use them all, but we can assure you that each of these things will help.

These tips can be put into practice easily and will have immediate effect on the way you carry yourself.



Get a professional haircut

If you want to drastically change your appearance, a very easy, quick and practical thing you can do is getting a professional haircut. This might cost a little more than a regular haircut, but the difference will be worth it. It might sound strange, but a good haircut can make your facial features more balanced, it can emphasize your best features and it will definitely give you great confidence. If you want to change something about the way you look, go for a new haircut and you will be very happy with the results. Trust us.



Invest in a tailored suit

Owning a go-to tailored suit is probably one of the best investments you can make. One you buy a quality suit, go to a tailor and have it modified according to your body. Wearing a well-fitting suit is going to make you not only look your best, as the clothes that look best on anyone are the clothes that match their exact sizes, but it will also make you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that you look great can give you more presence, it can make you bolder, and it can definitely make you more approachable.



Iron your clothes


Be the Iron Man!


Regardless of the type of clothes you wear, always make sure that they are well-pressed and ironed. With suits and other coats or jackets, make sure you take them to the dry cleaner’s, as you don’t want them to get ruined, but otherwise, make sure that your clothes are always properly ironed. If you are a man who does not have the time or resources to be sure that his clothes are always well-ironed, non-iron shirts and clothes are the best way to go.



Clip your nails

This tip might sound obvious, clipping your nails should be something done on a regular basis, but it is an important detail, that, if left unattended can make you look sloppy and inattentive. There’s not much to say about this just that you should trim your nails as often you need to. In case you don’t get to do it because of time or technical issues, make sure that they are as clean as you can get them. This can definitely save you from looking sloppy.



Whiten your teeth




The key to a great smile is having white teeth. Today there are a lot of techniques you can appeal to when it comes to whitening your teeth: from procedures executed by dentists, to do-it-at-home kits and natural remedies, the possibilities are almost endless.

A great smile will make your whole face glow, it will make people more interested in what you have to say and it will make you very attractive.



Wear dress shoes

A pair of wingtip shoes is recognizable by their specific w-shape on the tip.

This might sound strange, but changing your sneakers for a pair of dress shoes will enhance your look by a lot. Dress shoes are not necessarily fancy, over the top elegant shoes. Dress shoes also refer to moccasins and loafers, brogues, wingtips, etc.

If you are not a guy who has the time or money to invest in a series of shoes, we recommend going for a pair of loafers and a pair of wingtip shoes. Wingtips are very versatile and can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit.



Match your belt to your shoes

Speaking of shoes, there is one simple rule which every man can follow to have a more polished look. Matching your belt to your shoes is a thing you can very easily do, but which has a lot of impact on your look. Having your shoes in the same color as your belt will give you more structure and therefore a more balanced look.

We know from the art world that aesthetics are all about proportion, so adding structure and proportion to an outfit can only have a great impact on your appearance.




Dry skin is an indicator of bad style and health. This is why you should make sure that your skin is always hydrated. Moisturizing should be done by pretty much everyone, especially if you are over 30 or 40 (it depends on your skin type) and it is very easy to do. There are many skin moisturizers for men on the market, which you can simply apply on your skin before going to bed, as the evening is the best time to do this.



Wear some color

This tip might sound a little too general or too obvious, but it really is not. If you look at how most people dress, you will notice that patterns, prints, and bright colors are quite rare. Many people, mostly men, tend to wear only neutrals. In fashion, neutrals are colors that can be matched to any other color. These colors are: gray, black, blue, tan, ivory, khaki, dark blue, browns etc.

If you are a style beginner, we advise you only add one non-neutral color to your outfits. Therefore, you can wear a brown jacket and jeans (which are also neutral), but pair them with a red, purple or green shirt.

This will add more visual interest to your look and will make you look more different and fun.

Remember that it is not only your clothes where you can add a pop of color. Your accessories can also be good color-spotting places. Colorful shoe laces, colorful shoes or colorful ties can all enhance your looks and make you more dapper and more sophisticated.



Practice your posture

This last tip is the crème de la crème, as the French would say and which basically means “the best of the best”. It has nothing to do with your clothes, your accessories or with your grooming habits, but it has a lot to do with the way you look.

Standing up right, with your chest pulled out, a straight back and your shoulders pulling to the back will give you a powerful image that everyone will notice.

Even if you are wearing just basic, simple clothes, having the right posture will make you like a million bucks!


Appealing to simple and easy-to-implement tricks that will enhance your appearance can really change your life in a matter of days. Your view of yourself will change, as you will see yourself in a different light, your relations with other people will change, as they will perceive you as a better person, which you will be, and the circle will be complete!

Looking your best means feeling your best, but your appearance can impact the way you feel, which is why it is always important to also give attention to your looks, without relying too much on them.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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