3 Summer Color Combinations You Should Try (B)

Summer is an exciting season when it comes to fashion. Because of the strong variations in weather – warm days and cool nights and the holiday spirit that is found in warm climates, the warm season is a great opportunity to play with styles and try on new sartorial elements such as dynamic prints, bright colors and unconventional cuts.

Designers often incorporate bright colors in their summer looks and propose a more relaxed approach to the season with shades of orange, yellow, red and more.

We have put together a checklist of three color combinations we think you should try this summer. They are sure to make you feel more confident and more stylish.



Green and purple


Paul Smith Spring 2018


Green and purple are analog colors, meaning that they lie close to each other on the color wheel. Analog color combinations are usually found in nature (flowers, feathers, etc.) and are very calming and soothing. When translated in fashion, they not only have a great impact, but they are also very sophisticated, elegant and give a sense of refinement.

As an alternative, you can wear purple with teal, which is a very modern, stylish and elegant combination – à la Attire Club.



Yellow and gray


Bobby Abley Spring 2018


Yellow and gray is a very uncommon and understated color combination. The main reason is probably because it is very hard to pull off. Finding just the right shades of yellow and gray that they don’t look washed out or too dark when mixed is very hard. However, when done right and in the right amounts (you don’t want too much yellow or too much gray – keep it at about a 50% – 50% ration), it can look really wonderful and exciting.

However, practice makes perfect. Our advice to start out is to choose a very bold yellow and a very light, yet clear gray. From there, you can experiment with different shades.

You can also try to replace gray with white, in which case you should go for a very clear white on a piece of clothing made from a very soft fabric.



Green and blue


Cerruti Spring 2018


Most men were told at least once that green and blue do not go together well. This might be true if they are both very dark or very light, but if you can find a blue piece and a green piece that are very strong and clear, you are up for a great combination.

You can also play with shades: find a dark blue and a light green or vice-versa and you can put together some truly fantastic outfits.

Sometimes, you don’t need to be balanced with these two colors, given that they are so similar: wear a lot of blue and just a touch of green, placed in a motivated way and you have a great mix!


If you ever thought about a color combination you wanted to sport, but didn’t get to, we are definitely encouraging you to try sometime soon, as, if you do try it and it works, you will love to wear it over and over again.

Our recommendations can be put into practice right away, but they can also serve just as an inspiration for creating summer outfits that are colorful, visually interesting and appealing to the eye.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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