The A. Sauvage Spring 2018 Collection in Review

A. Sauvage is the label of British designer Adrien Sauvage, who is known for his impeccable tailoring and fine style. Since Sauvage launched his brand in 2010, he has received a lot of critical claim for his exquisite suits.

A suit is something every man must have – it has the ability to make a man look elegant, fresh and polished. This is why, when you are investing in a suit, it must be of the highest quality. A suit that is well-crafted and well-tailored will take you very far and can be worn in most settings. Therefore, a great suit can be your go-to outfit for both business and pleasure.

Having a second suit, one with a more festive aesthetic is also a great way to make sure you have a go-top option for any celebratory occasion. Festive suits differ from day-to-day suits in that they generally have more uncommon details, such as shawl lapels, they are often single-button or feature a great print, pattern or texture. These suits usually make a man look dynamic and youthful.

The A. Sauvage spring-summer 2018 collection offered a wonderful array of both types of suits. Crisp, elegant and incredibly sharp suits were the core of the collection, which caters to men who want to make sure they look their best when they put on their A. Sauvage suit.

Adrien Sauvage’s suits are the expression of modernity in terms of suits: they are trim in tailoring, feature great details such as interesting fabrics and proportions, but maintain a classic feel that will be as modern ten years from now as it is today.

Sometimes, all one wants to see from a great collection is a series of suits that reinforce the idea that great menswear is still a strong part of fashion. What we liked in this spring collection was that the suits were extremely classic, but also introduced some new classics, such as a printed suit (which featured a very calming print that does not take away from the tailoring and enduring factor of the suit) and a burgundy suit. Burgundy is definitely a new classic color, and, in some regards it can even be seen as a new neutral, as it works beautifully with most other colors and is great for most skin tones. While navy is a great alternative for brown, charcoal or black suits, burgundy seems to be the new alternative for a fun night out.

Most looks from the spring portfolio of the House of A. Sauvage are also quite versatile and can be dressed up (with a bow tie and great shiny shoes) or dressed down (with an open shirt and a pair of loafers).

While at first glance this collection might seem to be a little basic or ordinary, it is really a statement-collection that draws the eyes and that has a lot to offer to its customers, which is why believe that it is one of the best collections of the season.



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