Men’s Body Types: Traits and Fashion Tips (B)

Knowing your body shape is a very important aspect of fashion, as it helps you make better and more informed decisions regarding the clothes you wear, the way you accessorize and the way you choose to style yourself. Even though many men want to dress sharp, they can’t get it right because they are not making the right fashion choices when it comes to their body type, which is in the end something very easy. There are three major body types: the ectomorph, the mesomorph and the endomorph body type.

The overall shape or figure of a man is defined by the molding of his skeletal structures, as well as the distribution of muscles and fat.

In this guide, we take a look at the three major body types and help you discover in which category you fit.

We also offered some fashion tips for each of the three body types. However, always remember that making use of special tips and tricks will only work if your clothes are fitting your body correctly. Never go for garments that are bigger or smaller than your exact clothing size. Bigger men who wear clothes that are bigger than what fits them will look only bigger. Going one or more sizes under your size, will make you look like you are being strangled by your clothes. On the other hand, thin men who wear oversized clothes will only look smaller, while wearing small clothes will make them appear to be strangled by their clothes too.

We know that for a lot of men, and especially for teenagers, it is very hard to find clothes that fit well in all areas, especially if you buy at the “one size fits all” store. Don’t be fooled by this idea: there is no way one size can fit all when each man is a different size. Designer clothes are usually better tailored and well-structured and can fit better from the start, but a lot of men still won’t find something that suits their body 100%. This is why it is very important to have a good tailor you can go to, who knows your measurements and who can adapt your clothes to your body. Tailored clothes work like miracles: they frame your body well and make you look put together and very sharp.

Our tips are guidelines you can follow for great sartorial experiences, they are not unbreakable rules, and we encourage you to develop your own style and to experiment with clothes to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at the three main body types and a few fashion tips for each one:


The three body types

The three body types




If you are a thin guy like Bruce Lee, you're an ectomorph!

If you are a thin guy like Bruce Lee, you’re an ectomorph!

The ectomorph body type is the thinnest of the three major body types. Men with ectomorph bodies usually have a small frame and are sometimes very tall. Ectomorph men usually have a “pencil” frame and a fragile bone structure. They are thin and have smaller shoulders than average. Men who fall under this category usually have lean muscle mass, but have a very hard time putting on muscles. Ectomorphs also have fast metabolisms.

As celebrity examples, we can mention Russell Brand, Bruce Lee or Jim Parsons.


Fashion tips for the ectomorph

Men with ectomorph body types should:

– Wear horizontal stripes as they tend to make them look bigger

Outfit for ectomorph men

An outfit for ectomorph men

– Wear belts and other accessories, as they add structure to their outfits and make them look more put together. Don’t forget that you should always match your belt to your shoes in order to look more balanced and structured

– Wear shirts that are very different from their pants in terms of color, pattern or print. Wearing the same color from head to toe will make you look taller and thinner, which is why, to appear more balanced, you should break your outfits by mixing pieces of various colors

– Wear double breasted jackets, as they hug your body in a way that makes you look a little bigger. Endomorph men should also wear jackets with thin lapels instead of jackets with wide ones, as this will keep your look proportionate. Jackets that feature shoulder pads are also recommended for men with small frames, as they will make their shoulders and chests look bigger. Make sure, however, that you don’t wear shoulder pads that are too big, as they can end up looking fake.




Mark Whalberg

Mark Whalberg

The mesomorph body type is somewhere between the ectomorph and the endomorph body types. Men who have mesomorph bodies usually have an athletic built, well-defined shapes and an overall rectangular body shape.

Mesomorphs are generally able to gain muscle and fat more easily than ectomorphs and are not able to loose fat as fast as ectomorph men.

Celebrities like George Clooney, Bruce Willis or Mark Whalberg fall into this category.


Fashion tips for mesomorphs

Outfits for mesomorph men

Outfits for mesomorph men

Men who have mesomorph bodies should:

– Wear average-size patterns and prints as they will add depth and visual interest to their outfits

– Wear jackets that are tight at the hips and wider at the shoulders, as these will frame them better

– Wear straight or wider leg trousers. Since you have an average built, the structure of your clothes should also be average: avoid wearing skinny jeans or any type of baggy pants

– Wear pinstriped suits, as these textures are well-balanced and work great on average body types




Terry Crews

Terry Crews

The endomorph body type is the heaviest of the three. Endomorphs usually have an overall bigger constitution, a stocky build and a rather round body. Men with endomorph bodies can find it hard to lose weight as they tend to have a slower metabolism than ectomorphs, but if they work out right, they gain muscle very easily.

Famous endomorphs are Luther Vandross, George Lopez and Terry Crews.


Fashion tips for endomorphs

Endomorph men should:

– Wear vertical stripes as they make them look leaner

– Wear dark colors, as these can make you look thinner, but only if the structure of the outfit is right

An outfit idea for endomorph men– Wear clothes in layers, as adding more than one layer will add a lot of structure and the right kind of volume to an outfit. Double-breasted jackets can add structure to your outfit as well

– Wear v-neck sweaters or t-shirts as, due to their angled opening, they will make you appear longer and leaner. Jackets that feature a low first button are also indicated for men who are bigger in size, for the same reason that, by opening a vertical space, one will appear to be taller and thinner.


In the end, we are all different and the key to looking and feeling great is not to try to be something you are not, but to embrace your body type and to make the best of it. If you wish to change your body type, this can be achieved, but until then, there is no point in putting your style and by extension, life, on hold! Discover what you look like and dress your body to the nines! It deserves it!



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