The Basic Guide to Men’s Loungewear (B)

Loungewear defines anything that is dressy enough not to be considered work out gear, but sporty enough to worn in the comfort of your home.

Therefore, loungewear is basically what you wear all day at home, especially if you are working from home, what you wear in the evening or on the week-end, when you want to feel comfortable and comfy.

These days, loungewear can be extremely stylish and make you look great.

These days, you can find a lot of great loungewear pieces, from brands that are more or less known, which is why you should be in the know about these pieces designed for comfy, personal settings.

In this sense, here is a breakdown of the things you should know about loungewear:




When it comes to materials, natural fabrics are the best way to go. Given that loungewear usually comes in direct contact with your skin, we recommend opting for something made from cotton, silk, linen or any other natural material.

It is not recommended to wear synthetic fibers, as these will not allow your skin to breathe properly, they won’t adapt temperature-wise to your body (they will either keep you too warm or too cold) and they might even cause rashes and burns. Also, wearing synthetic fibers might damage your skin and, by extension, all your other organs in the long run, so you should definitely go for natural fabrics when picking your loungewear. A bit of synthetic in a blend for stretch is OK, but just a little.

Another reason why the fabric from which your loungewear is made is important is because natural fibers will keep their shape and can be worn in many ways (when you are standing, sitting, lying, etc.), while synthetic fibers won’t adapt as easily to your body and won’t recreate their shape once you wash them, as clothes from natural fibers will.



The pieces

These days, loungewear can be so soft and refined that you will want to wear it as much as possible.

Here are the types of garments that are usually considered loungewear:



Sweatpants are one of the most common types of loungewear. If you find a cotton jersey pair of sweatpants, you can wear it day in and day out and won’t get tired of it. Make sure that it fits you well (you don’t want it to be too tight around the waist or too short at the bottom) and you are all set!

Track pants and yoga pants are great alternatives to sweatpants and can work incredibly for you.



Sweater should be, just like sweatpants, slim, but not restrictive. Depending on your needs, some sweaters have tapered cuffs and hems and a ribbed neckline, which some men prefer, especially if they live in a colder environment and want to be more protected around the areas where the cool air might enter.

If you need to carry your cellphone or something similar with you when you are wearing a sweater, you can find one that has a zipped pocket (or just a larger pocket, to make sure your stuff won’t fall) and you are ready to go.



Boxers, briefs and everything in between can be seen as a type of loungewear. In the end, wearing a good pair of underwear can make you not only look like a million dollars, but make you feel that way as well.

The main underwear rules are that a good pair of undies should be comfortable, breathable and supportive, but not too tight.

As for what style is best: briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, it all comes down to personal preference and need.

In terms of fabric, cotton (with a bit of synthetics for stretch) is once again the best option, as it is both comfortable and affordable.

As an extra tip, we don’t recommend wearing satin boxers for a too long of a time because they stifle airflow, which might make you feel uncomfortable.



T-shirts are a basic, essential thing to have in your wardrobe. Simple as they might be, having a large number of t-shirts in your closet might help you out in many situations. You can wear them around the house, as undershirts or at the gym and, if your t-shirts are made from a good fabric, you will always feel comfortable.

If you wear t-shirts as undershirts, you should definitely make sure that they are long enough to be tucked in your pants. Otherwise, you might be uncomfortable and cold.

Also, as a style tip, we often recommend that men go for v-neck t-shirts, as they add more dynamism and style to your look than round, crew-neck t-shirts.



Robes or dressing gowns are not just for rich men in movies. You can actually get a robe that is more than something you would wear after you shower.

A stylish robe made from a quality fabric will make you not only look good, but keep you protected and covered. Most robes are made from cotton jersey, while a flannel-cotton blend is the perfect thing to wear in the cold season, as it will keep you very warm and comfortable.

Dressing gowns are great because, due to their loose cut and flexible design, you can adapt them to your needs very easily: if you feel warm, you can unfasten or loosen the belt, if you feel too cold, you can tighten them a bit more.

Also, most robes come with pockets, which will make carrying your essentials very easy.



Pajamas, as we all know, are designed to be worn to bed. However, this does not mean that you can’t wear them around the house as well.

A comfortable pajama shirt can make a great replacement for a man who works from home (but not when you are having a meeting or company).

It is however recommended to have a different set of PJ’s in which you sleep than those in which you hang out, as you will sweat during the day, but, if you keep them neat and tidy, you can keep the same PJ’s on for a longer time. You just need to remember to wash them more often.




When it comes to loungewear and colors, the same rules apply as to any type of garments. For a safe bet, you can always opt for neutrals such as gray, brown, black, white, beige, etc. or you can go for something that is more colorful and strong. Opting for prints and patterns and even mixing colors and mixing prints and patterns will make you look more interesting and will add a lot of personality to your look.

Just go for something you like and see how it works!


Loungewear is a great category of clothes you shouldn’t miss out on. Not only should you have loungewear in your wardrobe, but you should invest in high-quality sweatpants, sweaters, PJs and more!

Wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes will prove itself to be not only comfortable, but it will make you both look good and it will give you a positive attitude and a lot of energy too.


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