The Details of Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Vienna Fashion Week wrapped up last month in the Austrian capital, showcasing the latest collections of Austrian and international designers for the upcoming seasons. In fashion, the details can make or break and outfit, so we decided to take a look at some details we saw on the runway of Vienna this autumn.



Anelia Peschev



Anelia Peschev’s latest collection featured some truly impressive embroidered elements. The softness of the thread and of the color made the clothes seem lightweight and fresh despite the visual charge they were used for. It was also interesting how the busy clothes were accessorized with big accessories, such as belts with big belt buckles. Usually, the rule is to tone down busy textures or prints with small, neutral details, but the Austrian designer broke this rule successfully.



Chic by Vali Cioban



Vali Cioban is a designer who’s got us used to her very charged aesthetic. Taking her inspiration from Romanian folklore, which often involves a lot of mysticism, the designer is always showcasing collections that are placing us between two worlds. For her latest collections, Cioban made relied on careful stitchings and appliques to tell her story of a past era of magic.



Diana Caramaci



Pearls are definitely something you don’t see much of on the runway anymore. And, in a way, it’s true that pearls have a way of making an outfit look a little dated. However, designer Diana Caramaci managed to make them look fresh and young, as she applied them in some quite unexpected places. Also, the combination of the pearls with gray clothes worked like a charm.



Maiken K.



Maiken K did not stop at one or two details: from fishnets to belts and even dripping flowers (in one outfit), the brand wanted to show how everything can work together. And that includes a lace top with an accent collar and sleeves.






Thai label Munzaa used their specific fabric not only for the clothes they presented, but for the accessories as well. We really love the way the heavy knit of the flowers on this necklace are balanced out by their airy positioning. Balance done right.



Smaranda Almasan



The very Spanish collection by Smaranda Almasan turned costume into high fashion. There were so many remarkable details that could have gone wrong, but that were done with so much care and, above all, taste, that the whole collection worked. From applied flowers and busy prints, the designer made a true tour de force with this collection. Well done!


Clothes and accessories can change very much as details change. This is why, having an eye for detail is important for any designer who needs to pay attention to every possible way in which a certain element can be achieved and then make the right choice. And then, the customer must also understand their own body and taste in order to make the best choice for themselves.

And this is a good representation of fashion as a melting point between the customer and the designer. As we always say, it’s all in the details.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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