The Perry Ellis Spring 2018 Collection in Review

Designer Michael Maccari brought an edge to the Perry Ellis aesthetic with his spring 2018 collection.  This redefinition of the brand was based on the concept of going anywhere well dressed and, as we all well know, to do this, one must own an array of versatile pieces, which can be very easily mixed and interchanged and that can go anywhere from day to night.

Sometimes exaggerated, the clothes bring a richness of shape, volume, color and pattern to the modern man’s closet, which is now defined by pieces that mix sportswear with dressy items. The blending of fabrics such as cotton, linen, nylon and lycra is effortless and balanced.

In terms of cuts, loose silhouettes and soft structures rule, but in a powerful and strong way, as the concepts of the clothes are well-defined and steady on the ground.

The collection, which combines luxe with sport in a very clever way is, as Michael Maccari, Creative Director for Perry Ellis said, “non-prescriptive”. And that is the whole beauty of it. You can’t really tell whether the Perry Ellis man is going on holiday, to the restaurant or someplace else. Simple clothes, done in great materials and with impeccable tailoring, as these clothes are, go to show that well-done style is timeless and universal: it can be worn anytime and anywhere.

The reason why we like the collection is because of its low-key, but still very bold and masculine vibe. It is accessible and strong. It works with trends such as the oversized aesthetic, but does them right. It is not a caricature, it has depth and dimension. And this is what great style really is. When you see a rather tight shirt that does the body justice with a pair of comfortable, wide pants impeccably cut – you know that something right is going on.


Discover our favorite looks from the collection.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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