An Overview of Attire Club in 2017

For Attire Club by Fraquoh and Franchomme, 2017 was a year in which we amped up our style game with tons of information on style, fashion and lifestyle, interviews and insights in the world of clothing and aesthetics.

Between January 2017 and December 2017, has published almost 160 articles, which means that on average, one article was released every other day. As usually, the core of our articles were our style guides. This year, some of the highlights were “Color Report: Burgundy”, “How to Care for Velvet Shoes. A Guide” and “Here’s How to Wear Brown Shoes with Black Pants”.

AC also featured a collection review each month, where we analyzed what is going on in the fashion industry. Moreover, we also continued with having a monthly mood board, where we feature a lot of style inspiration, in look books ranging from “Musical Pictures” and “The History of Color Systemsto “Basel Fashion in the 1630s”.

Cultural insights did not miss this year either, as Attire Club published captivating articles such as “Men’s Clothes as Status”, “The Problem with Art, Beauty & Fashion” or “Is There a Crisis in Fashion Blogging?



This year, we also released three new issues of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine: the Spring 2017 issue, the Summer 2017 issue and the Autumn 2017 issue. Some of the highlights of the magazine were our interviews with designers such as Artem Shumov or Tigran Avetisyan and models like Jose Falcone or influencers such as Alfonso Herrero. We also featured everything that’s new in the realm of advanced fashion technology, including the first 3D printed-at-home collection by Israeli designer Danit Peleg, the stainless shirt by LeLab and Pinatex’ pineapple fabrics. We also looked at the clothes worn by people in Latin America at African influences in contemporary fashions.

The magazine also featured original photographic essays and in-depth analyses of the world of style and luxury.

Attire Club also launched its own style portfolios, featuring accessories that can be purchased on demand and coverage of both mainstream and niche fashion shows from around the world.

Our “Man of the Day” project on Instagram, which we started early in the year continued all through the year, gaining a lot of attention from people who like to discover the men of IG who have that indefinable “it”.

In the end, this is what style is all about: finding the right things to work with and having the know how to craft them in such a way that makes them uniquely you and that is in sync with everything you do – and that is what the Attire Club concept is all about.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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